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1.1 Origin of the Report
Today‟s business world is continuously changing. The operation of business is getting complex in every moment. That is why, today, the management of any business activity requires so much expertise from the part of its employees. The business graduates are the core part of management. So a business graduate has to have so much theoretical as well as practical knowledge to manage the ever-changing business activity. Besides the theoretical knowledge, practical experience is provided to business graduates & internship is the well practiced mechanism in this regard. The internship program is an integral part of the BBA program. As a student‟s of BBA program of different universities, everyone has to submit a report after completion of internship program. We were assigned to Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited to complete the program.
As a student of BBA, internship is an academic requirement. For doing internship we were sent to the Islamic Bank Bangladesh, New Market Branch, Dhaka under the supervision of
Mohammad Ali Biswash, SPO, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, New market Branch, Dhaka.

The completion of our general class for internship program in Islamic Bank Training and
Research Academy (IBTRA), the IBTRA authority gave us the selecting topics‟ for preparing the internship report. Our supervisor Mohammad Ali Biswash, SPO, Islami Bank Bangladesh
Limited, New market Branch, Dhaka, also support us to prepare a report on Islamic Bank
Bangladesh Limited with special focus on “Different modes of investment of Islamic Bank
Bangladesh and loans & Advances of conventional Bank”. That is why we have made this report with this topic.


1.2 Objectives of report
The specific objectives aimed for this report are:
 To fulfill the partial requirement of BBA program under the guidance of supervisor.
 To...

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