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Financial Research Report: the Coca - Cola Company

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Financial Research Report: The Coca - Cola Company
FIN 534 – Assignment #1
07 December 2014

Coca Cola
Coca Cola Company is an American, multinational company that is infamous for its beverage products. The company is commonly referred to as coca cola. Invented and patented in 1886 and 1887, respectively, by an American pharmacist named John Pemberton. Pemberton sold the company in 1889 to Griggs Candler who incorporated it in 1892. For more than 70 years, coca cola had been the sole beverage of the company. Although international expansion was tested in 1928, expansion of the company in the United States did not start until late 1955 (World of Coca-Cola, 2014). This expansion into other beverage flavors as well as diet and caffeine free choices has allowed the company to become a market leader in the beverage industry.
The Company has found success in appealing to the needs and desires of a broad consumer base. Their customers derive from various backgrounds, lifestyles, demographics and age ranges. Currently, the Coca Cola brand expands in the integrated form of more than 500 brands of beverages across more than 200 nations worldwide. As markets changed and competition grew, Coca Cola decided to introduce Diet Coke and later followed with several others to include, but not limited to, Coca-Cola Zero, Coca-Cola Cherry, Sprite, and Schweppes. As of today, it is estimated that the Coca Cola Corporation has more than 3500 beverages spread across a wide range of categories and markets. They have even entered the instant “ready-to-drink” coffee and tea markets.

Rationale for choosing Coca Cola:
Aside from the obvious, there are many reasons why an investor would consider Coke to a good investment prospect. Some of the main reasons are listed and summarized below. * As consumer demands and preferences change, so has the company’s...

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