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Financial Statements Analysis of Reckitt Benckiser

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Financial Management
Course code- 206
Term paper on:
“Financial Statements Analysis of Reckitt Benckiser”

Submitted to:
Prof. Dr. A.A. Mahboob Uddin Chowdhury
Department of Finance
University of Dhaka

Submitted by:
Group No.12 SL | Name | ID | Remarks | 01 | Mohammad Monirul Islam Monir | 19-030 | | | | | | |

Date of submission: 7th December, 2014

Letter of Transmittal:

Department of Finance
University of Dhaka

Dear Sir,
Here is the report you have assigned as a part of the course requirement.

We have taken this assignment as an opportunity to reflect our understanding about the basic concepts and the application of Financial Management. Although we have tried our level best to adhere to your teachings, we realize that our report may not be flawless. We hope that you will be kind enough to remark on the strengths and weakness of this report. It will help us to be prepared properly to write a better report on such subjects in future.
We look forward to making the optimal use of the knowledge. We have achieved not only the basic concepts business finance from your classes but also the application of it in the practical world.

Once again, thank you for making our Financial Management course (F-206) class an enlightening and enjoyable experience.

Best regards

On behalf of the group members,
Chandan Kumar Roy
Roll: 19-164

The project was the endeavor of a great experience on the application of the basic concepts and understanding of Financial Management in an organization. The completion of the report was much owning to my honorable course teacher. It is through her viewpoint that a prolonged part of the report could be completed. We also give our outmost gratitude and respect to our honorable instructor for giving us her prolonged time behind teaching us every...

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