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Finding the Line

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Finding the Line

A recent study published in USA Today states that, quite simply, “Americans are losing their religion.” Some people might take this as a warning to humanity that something must be done or we will all spiral into Hell. Yet, when one takes the time to seriously look at our world’s history, it becomes obvious that religion has a direct correlation to some of the most awful things humanity has witnessed. Being that religion is purely man made, it therefore suffers from man’s inability to be perfect. Morality is an individually centered ideology, and by attempting to hold people to a staunch set of beliefs based on imaginary things results in hypocrisy. This hypocrisy can range from an individual being a hypocrite to an enormous hierarchy. Human beings are capable of being good without a god and religion based on the fact that the existence of god and religious stories have no basis in fact.
In god is not Great, Christopher Hitchens writes that “religion has caused innumerable people not just to conduct themselves no better than others, but to award themselves permission to behave in ways that would make a brothel-keeper or an ethnic cleanser raise an eyebrow” (Hitchens 6). Christianity specifically has been at the root of much of the evil that has occurred in our world. As Neitzsche states “People erect a concept of morality, of virtue, of holiness upon this false view of all things; they ground good conscience upon faulty vision” (Nietzsche 9). From the crusades perpetrated by the Catholic Church resulting in the murderous deaths of a million innocent Muslims, to the introduction of the African Slave trade into the New World, the Holocaust, and currently the fiasco with the Vatican and its support for pedophile priests, religion has been manipulated into a tool for the oppressor.
Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party considered themselves to be...

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