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The art of theatre is very important part of our culture. Without entertainment, whether it is individual or with a group humans could not stay occupied. Throughout time stories have been pasted down from generation to generation-through words, books and theater. Theatre continues to thrive and has become an important subject in schools now. People are allowed to express their creative and critical thinking to really allow the viewers to get involved. The purpose of theater is to develop performance art through any distinctively cultural foundations. Theatre is able to enrich our social and cultural views through art and performance. Actors provide a stage that they can really test the limits of their own creativity by ongoing dialogue of ideas.
The “whipping man” is to show the relationship between a master and slave. We are shown that after losing everything you never know what you will have left. Caleb is part of a white family that bought slaves and treated them like family. Caleb leaves and returns only to find out that the two people who are left after war are two slaves his family owned. Simon and John are now forced to take care of Caleb because that is all they know to do. Simon is the main caretaker and demands respect from Caleb when he returns home, because things are different now and he should not be treated the same. John struggles with this relationship with Caleb because when they were younger the two were best friends until Caleb was given the opportunity to whip john. The play is illustrating relationships between master and the slaves. Caleb realizes that they may have been slaves back then but they are not anymore and want to be treated with respect. Twists and turns are added to the story and as each new revelation comes to light information the audience learns is bound to affect the opinions of each of the characters....

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