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Fingerprints Fingerprint is an impression of marking something superficial by the last joint of the thumb or other finger(s). Fingerprint identification is one of the most distinguished biometrics. It has been used for so many years for its efficiency and reliability. This type of identification is used by law enforcement and immigration. FBI (2013). Fingerprints helps to see if the suspect’s has been arrested or had any other convictions before. It also helps to recognize missing people, amnesia victims, and unknown dead people if they are in the criminal files. Michal Lyman (2014) A fingerprint looks like series of dark lines that symbolize the high, topping portion of the friction ridge skin, while the valleys between these ridges looks like white space and are the low, narrow portion of the friction ridge skin. FBI (2013) Fingerprints was publically used for first time in 1858 by Sir William Herschel who was a British chief administrative officer for the Hooghly district, Bengal, India. In 1877, he asked permission to his bosses to identify prisoners by using fingerprints. United States recognized the used of fingerprint for the first time in 1882, by Gilbert Thompson. In 1903, New York State prison system used this method of identification for criminals. After this, fingerprints was stablished in all U.S. There are two types of prints. One is the Latent or Patent Fingerprint. This one is invisible. It is created by oil and grease make by the body, and perspiration or dirt, when it has been touched. The only way to see it, is by using special equipment and chemicals. The other one is visible. This type is made when someone who has been exposed to blood, flour, ink or oil touches a clean surface and leave his/her prints on it. Michel Lyman (2014) The main reason of developing latent fingerprints imprint is to make the print visible, so it can be…...

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