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Finm024 Corperate Governance Case Study

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance (FINM024)
Assessment 1 – Case Study

Aim: The case study aims at testing students’ understanding of the role of corporate governance in today’s business, how to establish good corporate governance practices, how to maintain an effective internal control system and assess control risk, and how to protect the organisation against fraud.
Instructions: Students are required to read the case carefully before attempting the questions. All sources used must be cited using the ‘Harvard Referencing Guide’ in order to avoid plagiarism. Students MUST structure their answers as required. Please try to avoid language and grammatical mistakes, writing incorrect answers, and writing more than what is needed. Please read the questions carefully before answering them.
Academic Honesty: Plagiarism will not be tolerated and could lead to your failure, so please make sure to use your own words in answering the case and to cite all the sources used. Please refer to Harvard Referencing guide to understand how to properly cite the sources used.
Deadline and Submission: The deadline for submission is 10th April, 2015. All submissions have to be via Turnitin on NILE. Any submissions via email will be automatically discarded without prior notice. Students are only allowed to submit their assignment once, so no draft submissions will be accepted. Late submissions will not be accepted. If there are circumstances beyond the student’s control that deprive him or her from submission at the required deadline, he/she has to apply for mitigating circumstances. Please refer to the link below for more details: Feedback: Written feedback will be available one month after the deadline. You can access your feedback by checking your assessment on turnitin. All grades are provisional...

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