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Firehouse Communication

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I believe that some of the factors involved in the procedure violations are due to the culture of the organization and the discourse surrounding what it takes to be a “real” firefighter. The ideologies within the organization seem to support not following procedure. Many types of power could be at play including reward, coercive and referent. Rookie status probably includes some kind initiation process, which includes taking some risks, to be accepted in the organization. The atmosphere appears to be highly competitive with payoffs for the winner. It appears that the consequences for not following procedure are governed by the members and not addressed by leadership.

Understanding that discipline and manufactured consent are used as a process to develop the ideology of the organization would help one determine what power structure was being supported by the violation of standard operating procedures. The corporate norm seems to make the behavior of the rookies acceptable within the organization.

We know that ideology is the internal workings of the organization it shows up in words, actions and practices. As these ideas are formed we know they reflect the social needs of an individual, group, class or a culture. Ideology functions in four different ways to support the power of the organization – representing sectional interests as universal, denying contradictions, reification and control. Employees participate in a process of going along with these without examining if it is in their best interest. This participation allows for the attitudes and actions to continue. Examining the disciplinary process would help to identify any misuses of power and acceptable norm. Knowing and understanding how ideologies are formed would help you ask questions such as who created them and how long has it been in existence?
Discourse plays a huge role in enabling these...

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