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Firm Research

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Firm Research
Donna Wright
Strayer University
Business Strategies and Proposals
BUS 505
Dr. Evangeline Jefferson
April 20, 2013

Firm Research Introduction The purpose of this paper is to examine Firm Research. In developing this paper concepts will be identified in the areas of describing a small-business line of business (LOB); determining which government procurement opportunity is aligned with the LOB using the Federal Business Opportunities Website; the firm’s current strategies and assessing the strategic success using financial figures or “soft” indicators as the background; providing a SWOT analysis to determine the internal and external factors in servicing the federal government and utilizing a gap analysis in satisfying the expected requirements; and creating an action plan to fulfill the expected requirements based on the gap analysis. According to ("SBA", 2013) the U.S. government is the world's largest buyer of products and services. Purchases by military and civilian installations amount to nearly $200 billion a year, and include everything from complex space vehicles to janitorial services and cancer research. In short, the government buys just about every category of commodity and service available. By law, federal agencies are required to establish contracting goals, such that 23% of all government buys are intended to go to small businesses. In addition, contract goals are established for women-owned businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, firms located in HUBZones and service disabled veteran-owned businesses. 1. What is the small-business line of business? Wright Telecommunications is a woman owned small-business seeking an opportunity to do business with the federal government. The lines of business for Wright Telecommunications are service, IT solutions, and communication. There is...

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