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First Day at School

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My first day a school
The poem describes how the little boy feels about his first school day. The boy was very nervous, maybe because he doesn't know anything about school or what school is like.
I remember my first day at school, as something really special. I remember that the day before the start, I couldn't fall asleep. My anxiety hat taken over my body. The day started with my mother came into my room and woke me up, but I was already up. I had put on my prettiest clothes and I had already, the day before, made my mother braid my hair so I had curls, when I woke up. My school was 300 meters from where I lived, so I didn't have very long to go. My mother had taken he day off, so she could be there with me. When we came up to the school, where there already lots of children and parents. I clearly remember how I squeezed my mother's hand and I felt safe. The inspector said welcome and there were community singing. It was a tradition that there were community songs every year, and the inspector tell the new pupils welcome. After the songs, it was time to go into the classrooms. I was very excited to meet my new class, but I was a happy little girl, when I saw that there were two girls in my class, whom I went to nursery with. When I had found my class and everybody were together, we had to find some seats. On each table there was a note with each name on it, a juice and an apple. I went around in the classroom long before I found my name, I had to sit next to somebody named Philip. When everybody had found their seats, the parents were asked to leave the class. There I was a alone amongst twenty new faces. The teachers seemed nice and had quickly given a song to each one of us, that we had to learn before our parents came back. We rehearsed the song at least twenty times before everyone had learned it. I remember there were a lot of noise in the class. When the parents came back, and we all had to stand up and sing. It was time for the parents to hear our song. When we had sung and the parents had clapped, we had to be with the other class. The teachers had planned a lot of activities, so we could get to know each other. I only know one from the other class, but they were all really sweet. The day went fast, and before I knew it, my mother and I were on our way home. I remember my mom was very curious and wanted to hear everything about y big day, even though she had been with me almost the whole day.

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