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First Impressions Can Be Misleading

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Name: Xavier Saunders
Subject: English
Topic: “Should parents control the lives of their teenage children”

Good morning teachers and students of the Basseterre High School. I wish to take this opportunity to share my position on the following question, should parents control the lives of their teenage children? It is most important that parents should have a very integral part in their children lives to guide and to mould them so that they can become respectful and loyal human being in society. As the bible teaches us as parents “we should train up our children in the way they should grow that when they are old they will not depart from it” (it meaning what they where thought as children growing up). To be respectful of other, as they are of themselves, be patient, forgiving, kind, loving, thoughtful. Our society does not like unruly nor disrespectful children. They do not fit into society when they are misbehaved and become delinquent children. They will be seen as trouble makers and as such do not fit well into society. It is very vital for parents to control the lives of their children. Parents need to help them to develop good decision making skills and to provide security both physically and emotionally.

Parents are obligated to provide food, clothing and shelter for their teenage children. Therefore, if parents are the ones providing the necessities of life they should have full control over their children lives as teenagers. Teenagers are very dependent on their parents. They look to their parents for guidance. Some teenagers see their parents as their friend, confident, comforter. Although some teenagers may have part-time jobs the majority of them still rely on their parents to provide the basic needs of life. Some teenagers do not value their parents control over their lives. Even though they know that without parents being there...

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