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Are your vocal chords set for some screaming? Get ready for Scream Queens season 2 to hit your TV screens! But are you really ready? If you want to prepare yourself before the premiere episode, here are some stuff you should know.

1.Taylor Lautner, or Dr. Cassidy Cascade, in Scream Queens season 2 calls himself a female viagra.

2.John Stamos, as Dr. Brock Holt, has weird ghost hands? He is also a doctor on the show. In the First Look trailer, he is out on a date in the movies and his hand suddenly grabs on to some licorice. Does that mean his whole right arm is haunted? Like that creepy hand from the Adam’s Family?

3.Glee’s Lea Michele (Hester) is back, cites TV Guide, and it is unclear if she still wants the Chanels dead. What is clear is that she is not part of the hospital staff. “She’s somewhere else,” says Michele. …show more content…
5.The setting is in a hospital which Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) purchased.

6.Veteran actress Kirstie Alley is on the show as the hospital administrator.

7.What kind of hospital does Munsch have if there are only 2 doctors and 3 nurses?

8.Keke Palmer is also returning as Zayday Williams as a medical student assisting Munsch.

9.As well as Niecy Nash who plays Denise Hemphill. Is she going to be the hospital guard this time?

10.Of course, Glen Powell a.k.a Chad Radwell returns with his goat?

11.The hospital setting is actually a haunted one. Which is why Munsch purchased it in the first place. It’s a cheap buy. But so cheap that gets an extra ghost or a psycho-killer in the wards.

12.Scream Queens season 2 is set three years into the future. Which means the Red Devil killer is gone and over with. - Or is

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