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Foundation Questions
- How is the desert industry currently?
- How long have you been in this industry for?
- How long have you been in this position?
- How did you manage to achieve your goals?
- What did you do to open more stores in this area?

Issue Questions
- What challenges have you already faced to be in this position?
- What are the weaknesses of your company you need to work on?
- Is the competition in this industry challenging?
- Is the American market open for such business?
- What is your main goal?

Result Questions
- How the United Stated is beneficial for your company?
- Did you achieve all your goals?
- What have been the consequences?
- Have the competition in this market had an impact on your results?
- What have you done to overcome the difficulties?

Solution Questions
- Would you mind if I explained to you my ideas to fix the current problems?
- What it is the plan I have to achieve our goals faster?
- Would you like to hear my suggestions to overcome the difficulties?
- Do you have time to consider my ideas to get better results?
- How do you feel about my marketing strategy to be a step ahead the competitors?

Teaming Questions
- Do you think we should come up with a plan b?
- Have your company decided on what goal we’re focusing for now?
- Do we have the required resources to put in action the marketing plan?
- What do you suggest for the company to be more efficient?
- Who will be in charge of representing the…...

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