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Foundation Questions
- How is the desert industry currently?
- How long have you been in this industry for?
- How long have you been in this position?
- How did you manage to achieve your goals?
- What did you do to open more stores in this area?

Issue Questions
- What challenges have you already faced to be in this position?
- What are the weaknesses of your company you need to work on?
- Is the competition in this industry challenging?
- Is the American market open for such business?
- What is your main goal?

Result Questions
- How the United Stated is beneficial for your company?
- Did you achieve all your goals?
- What have been the consequences?
- Have the competition in this market had an impact on your results?
- What have you done to overcome the difficulties?

Solution Questions
- Would you mind if I explained to you my ideas to fix the current problems?
- What it is the plan I have to achieve our goals faster?
- Would you like to hear my suggestions to overcome the difficulties?
- Do you have time to consider my ideas to get better results?
- How do you feel about my marketing strategy to be a step ahead the competitors?

Teaming Questions
- Do you think we should come up with a plan b?
- Have your company decided on what goal we’re focusing for now?
- Do we have the required resources to put in action the marketing plan?
- What do you suggest for the company to be more efficient?
- Who will be in charge of representing the…...

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b. Bars
c. Hotels
d. SwimmingPools e. Dentists/Doctors f. Etc. 
We are looking for STATIC sites here, best sites are sites that do not have dynamic content and complicated stuff like self-made booking systems etc. Take easy sites that only have static information like the above mentioned ones. . 2)  Now, as you got your first niche, we are looking for a first city, for example choose a Canadian City like Kingston (Ontario) or any other city in any country of the world. You should make a list with many cities here, too. And then use a. City1Niche1 b. City2Niche1 c. City3Niche1 d. City X Niche 1 e. City1Niche2......

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...the data. The research design depends upon what the researcher is looking for, his needs. It can be a detailed or furnish the minimum of the information required. However, to be effective a research design should have a statement of objectives of the study, of the data inputs required on the basis of which the research problem, and the method which must be used to analyse and treat the data. 2. Qualitative research 2.1. How to choose between Qualitative and Quantitative research? When we want to run a study, we have to know first and foremost what kind of results we would like. This will allow us to choose between qualitative and quantitative methods. Qualitative method is a study about expectations, motivations, filling and other judgement of the panel giving values. It permits to understand the costumer behaviour and what barriers they may have to change it. However it cannot quantify. Counter to the quantitative methods which is a market research which allow us to quantify and who’s the representativeness can be measured precisely. 2.2. Advantages of a qualitative research Here the choice made is for a qualitative methods, for many reasons. The qualitative research is an in-depth exploration which allows us to know which people we are working with, meet people and begin a conversation, the qualitative research needs personal investment. It is conducted through intense contact within a sampling of the population setting. We have to be aware of......

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