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The study will be conducted in the Municipal marine water in Don Marcelino, Davao Del Sur. Don Marcelino is the 3rd class municipality in the province of Davao Del Sur, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, Don Marcelino has a population of 41,942 people in 6, 991 households. This municipality lies along latitude 6°15’5” North, and longitude 125°39’57” East and the original name is “lawa”. The fishing distance from the shoreline is estimated about 600- 800 m.
Fishery Profile of Don Marcelino Davao del Sur

Don Marcelino Davao del Sur has a fifteen barangays in a total land area of 40.73 (km2) according to the LGU. Out of fifteen barangays, ten are coastal barangays; Cali-an, Kinanga, Kiobog, Lanao, Lapuan, Lawa, Linadasan, North Lamidan, South Lamidan, and Talagutong. The total coastline of Don Marcelino is 46.8 km and has a total number of 8,980 fishermen in 1,821 fishing families. 15 15
Fig.1.1 Map of Don Marcelino Davao del Sur

Construction of the Gear
Troll line will be assembled with four rolls (#80) monocline nylon that will serve as the mainline. Mainline measures 20/25 meters in length. Branch lines will use (#40) monocline nylon. It will measure about 5 meters in length with hook at the end. Each line will have the specific hook sizes connected (#12-13, #14, #16, #18) and will be attached into the swivel. 16 16


Fig.1.2 Illustration of the Gear

Gear Operation Gear operation will be done using a motorized boat. The researcher will be considering the specific fishing ground such as “kanaway” when operate the fishing gear during morning and afternoon. Fishing operation will be conducted 4 days for 1 to 2 hours. The line will be towed close to the surface behind a moving boat. The line bearing the specific hook size will be operated simultaneously. When the operators of the boat detect fish hooked into the gear, it will be withdrawn slowly into the boat. The catch will be removed from the hook for length, weight, and species identification. The complete coordinates of the fishing ground will be noted using the Global Positioning System (GPS).

17 17
Species Identification of Catch
Species of fish will be identified by referring to the book of Meyers (1994) and other references. The different species of fish catch such as (pirit, Karao and tulingan) from each experimental hook will be documented through photo/ picture using camera for identification of species. A sample of each species will be collected/ preserved in 5% formaldehyde solution for confirmation of an expert regarding identification.
Determination of the Sizes of Catch
To determine the size, the length of the catch will be measured using a ruler. Total length of the species will be measured from the tip of the snout and to the tip of its caudal fin (Moyle and Cech, 2006). The length of fish will be expressed in centimeter.

18 18 Determination of Volume of Catch
The volume of catch will be determined using a kilogram capacity of weighing scale where the catch from different sizes of hook will be weighed separately. Weight will be expressed into gram or kilogram.
Calculation of the CPUE
The Catch Per Unit Effort (CPUE) will be computed for each experimental hook adopting the formula of (English et al., 1994), where:
CPUE (kg/man hour) = total weight of catch (kg)No. of hours in fishing x no. of fishers
Statistical Analysis

The data will be gathered on the study is, size, species composition, volume of catch and the CPUE. This will be computed / done using statistical tools like, Kruskal Wallis test for species identification and analysis of variance (ANOVA) to determine the significant difference among the treatment in terms of catch using surface troll line on different hook size. When significant difference will be observed, a Post Hoc test will be performed using Tukey’s honestly significant difference test (= 0. 05). 19 19

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