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The Fitzpatrick scale was developed by Thomas .B. Fitzpatrick in 1975 the scale helps predict the skins response by giving accurate analysis of skin tones. The scale also classifies their tolerance of sunlight and it can determine how some on will react to facial treatments and how likely the person is get skin cancer.

Researching the Fitzpatrick scale on myself I have indicated that my skin is type V. My eye color is brownish black and the natural color of my hair is black, my skin color is light brown and I have few freckles. Also when I am in the sun I never have burned. I tan very easily and with several hours of sun exposure I often burn. My face reacts normal to the sun. When I lasted exposed myself to the sun was more than three months ago. Sometimes I expose the area to be treated to the sun. I found the Fitzpatrick scale very interesting so I did the scale on a friend named Tangela Morrison she works as a barber and is thirty-three years of age her skin is a type111 her eye color is dark brown and the color of her natural hair is dark brown her skin color is light brown and she has no freckles that are unexposed. When in the sunlight she never receives burns. Tangela has a reasonable tan when she turns brown and when exposed to the sun for several hours she sometimes turns brown. Her face acts normal when she in the sun the last time tangela was exposed her body to the sun was more than about three months ago. She never exposes the area to be treated to the sun.

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