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Revised medical criteria for evaluating mental disoders

1. I pick the Social Security Administration for this assgniment, it is a federal government agency. Am interested in the Revised medical criteria for evaluating mental disoders proposal due to the fact that the Social Security Administration affect the lives of most Americans and proposed changes will impact many citizens. The proposed regulation will not affect me or affect my business, because am into car retailing business and the proposed Social Security regulation does not have direct impact on the retailing business.

2. A proposal to revise the criteria impairment listings used to evaluate mental disorders in adults and children pursuant to Titles II and IVI of the Social Security Act. This proposal also includes removal of certain sections of the regulations and include them in other sections of the Social Security Administration regulations. The reason for the proposed changes is the result of adjudicative experience and advances in medical knowledge recommended in a commissioned report and comments from experts of the field and the public.

3. As an uncle to a child with a mental disorder and this child is also receiving Social Security benefits, I am in agreement with the proposed changes. The revision stating that the Social Security Administration will recognize non-physician sources, such as therapists and social workers will be helpful in assisting claimants in the future. As stated in the proposed changes, these non-physician professionals provide a claimant's history and longitudinal evidence about functioning over a period of time. The needs of the mentally disabled in our society, is growing by the day and there is need for more provision for them from the Social Security Administration.

4. The deadline by which the public comment must be made is by 11/17/10 11:59pm EST.

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