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Five Steps to Problem Solving

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Five steps to problem solving
Elena Martinez
August 24, 2015

Five steps to problem solving
There are five steps to problem solving. The first step in problem solving is to identify the problem. With this step, you must first figure out what the problem actually is so that you can begin to start the process of solving it. The second step to problem solving is discovering the causes as to why you have this problem. Figuring out what is causing the problem will help you figure out where to go from that point. Step three is options. Figure out some options that you can take to solve the problem that you are facing. There are so many options you may have to solving the problem; you would want to narrow it down to the best option. That brings us to number four on the problem-solving list. Evaluating the best option to solve the problem. The very last step you will want to take to solve the problem is to act. Now you have defined what the problem is, figured out what is actually causing the problem, suggested some options and chose the best solution for it, so now all you need to do is apply the option that you chose.
In my life my biggest challenge today is finding the time to work out. For the past two years I have steadily worked out at the gym every day. So I know what the problem is, and now I need to figure out what is causing this roadblock in my life.
Since moving to a new state, I cannot seem to get focused back to where I once was.
The issues are, maybe I am just being lazy, and tired, or maybe I’m just not motivated anymore. Being in the gym for two years can be exhausting after a while. I can blame this on all sorts of reasons what is causing me to have this problem. I think for my sake I will just narrow it down to being tired. My days seem long at work and then I have to come home, be a mom and good partner and then...

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