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Fucking Kyle. (Mated to a King) #BK1

I stormed into the tattoo parlor eager to have my tattoo completed.
"Is that you Jessica?" Chuck yelled from behind the purple velvet curtains.
I grinned and spun around. "The one and only! you ready to finish my tattoo sweetcheeks?" my gaze slide over to the boys. The football players, they lazed around on the sofa's all laughing and slapping the number one, most wanted guy in shcool.
But now they stared at me, shock evident on their faces. Jade and Harper looked shocked as well, jaws slightly aslack.
The one man that held my attention was Kyle, his grey eyes glared into mine filled with something sinfully dark I found myself gulping, his lips curled into a cruel smile and he scoffed before looking away.
"Gimme ten minutes sweetheart. I'll be out soon just buy some food. Its on me!"
Yes. I was starving. "You are darling Chuck! I'd marry you if I could!" I yelled back already hopping towards the phone on the counter. I called my favourite Kebab House and ordered a donner kebab. "You want anything Chuck?" I was well aware of the boys staring at me, there eyes trailing over my low cut, off shoulder crop jumper to my camel skort and then to my lace stockings down to my heeled sandals. My tattoes peaked out of the hem of my skirt, and I pulled off my gloves revealing the trbial marks tattoed on my hands.
"Get me whatever your getting!" he yelled, I could hear to low hum from the tattoo stick and my body shivered in anticipation. I couldn't wait for my tattoes to be complete.
"Hello. Welcome to Kebab house, what can I get you today?"
"Hi, could I have two large donner kebabs" I twirled my strand of my hair around my finger, my legs shaking as I leant over the counter aware of Kyle staring at me. My muscles tense, lip stuck between my teeth.
"Sure. No problem. Would that be all?"...

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