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The Effects of Global Warming
Global Warming: Fact or Fiction

I. Description: Global Warming
In plain terms, global warming is a phenomenon where the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere has increased, and is causing a green house effect. The temperature is raised due to increased levels of carbon dioxide (Balaguer, 2010). On average, in America we annually release an estimated 20 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere through driving to work, the use of heating and cooling appliances, and turning on lights (Ecologic Development Fund, 2010). The increased temperature is depleting our ozone, causing severe hurricanes, major flooding, and intensifying desertification, meaning “reduction or destruction of the biological potential of the earth which can create the conditions analogous to a natural desert" (Desertification and Hazard Assessment, 2010). Although human activity is commonly blamed for the problem, there is some debate among experts regarding the severity of global warming, and whether the cause is a natural phenomenon or in fact a result of mankind’s environmental negligence.
A. Impetus discussion:
1. Global warming is fiction:
Although it is agreed that an increase of Co2 levels are causing a green house effect, according to Brown, there is no consensus among scientists to explain the true cause of global warming (2010). Some scientists believe the warming temperatures and rising sea levels is a natural event which has been going on since the last Ice Age. Their position is there is no proof that the issue is directly related to human actions, and that sea levels have risen and fallen at various degrees over the last 10,000 years. They claim there is too much hype regarding the immediate danger if we don’t act quickly to change it. They feel that as naturally as climate changes occur, and sea…...