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Flexible Work Schedule Survey

Kasey Taylor
LeTourneau University
BUSI 4623OL: Business Research Methods
October 25, 2012

The purpose of this survey was to determine whether or not flexible work schedules have a positive impact on productivity in the workplace. The survey was given to all employees at the end of a training class and turned into the instructor to give to the human resource department. The written survey consisted of 10 questions ranging from demographics to personal needs. We found employees with spouses and or children under the age of 18 were in favor of flexible work schedule having a positive impact for them personally on their productivity. The survey also revealed the need for individuals to feel they have some control and flexibility in their work schedules, which leads to a balanced personal and business life.

Flexible Work Schedule

The purpose of this survey was to determine whether or not flexible work schedules have a positive impact on productivity in the workplace. “Flexible work schedules” refer to choices pertaining to the location and/or time that work is conducted, whether it is formal or informal. Formal being policy from HR department that is written. Informal meaning the immediate supervisor has approved this flexible arrangement. The survey was emailed to 2,000 employees and 526 participants completed the survey. The survey consisted of several questions ranging from the use of flexible work arrangements to their level of knowledge about work-life and dependent-care situations.

The survey was sent out via email to 2000 random employees. Both men and women, all ages and ethnicity were included to be prospect participants.

Survey Questions
October 25, 2012
Target: Air System Component Employees

1. Are you satisfied with your work schedule/arrangement? 1. Strongly disagree...

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