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B – Flight
Every single human in this world has a dream about something. Everyone wants to pursue their dreams, but some people try harder than others to follow their dreams. Unfortunately it doesn’t always go the way it should. Alice Hoffman presents this theme in the short story “Flight”, which was written in year 2000.

In the story we meet the two characters Eugene Kessler and Jason. Through a characterisation of them both you can see similarities and differences between them. Jason is described as a serious and responsible man, who never breaks any rules. He goes to the university Harvard with Eugene, and he strives to be as good as possible. He has dedicated a lot of time to his science project, which includes 20 hamsters having two different diets. Eugene is a quite different character. He doesn’t care much about the rules and in fact he had a business selling term papers before he went to Harvard, and afterwards the narrator of the story took over the business for him. He has an owl, which is flying free in the evening. Once there was an incident with his owl, which had carried of a toy poodle, and Eugene was told by a lieutenant at the police department that he should keep his owl in its cage at all times, but he doesn’t really seem to care.

Jason’s hamsters and Eugene’s owl symbolize a great difference between these two characters. One half of Jason’s hamsters only eat Twinkies whereas the other half is fed with nuts and grains. In this context there is a very interesting quote: As soon as they heard my brother’s bedroom door open, they ran to their feeding stations, while the grain and nut hamsters just went on running on their wheels, making the same hopeless circles they spun every night (page 7-8, lines 62-65). In terms of dreams the hamsters symbolize someone, who doesn’t follow their dream. They just keep on doing the same thing all day, and they...

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