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Illuminated Communications

IST210 SEC002
Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Scope of Work 4 Project Management 5 Project Resources and Budget 8 User Analysis 10 Organization of Data 14 Database Administration 17 Database Backup and Recovery 19 Legal Issues 22 Works Cited 25 Appendix A – DDL Script 26 Appendix B – Sample Reporting 37

Executive Summary

Illuminated Communications offers this solution to meet the growing demands of Flix2You. We understand the limitations of the existing database design and have proposed a new design that will provide Flix2You a more robust database environment intended to capture more customer data. This will address the primary concerns of Flix2You and allow for the understanding of its customer’s habits that it seeks to gain.
Included in this document you will find our scope of work, as it has been determined based on the requirements that have been provided. With that we developed a project plan highlight the major milestones from project start to final sign off. Please note that Illuminated Communications will provide comprehensive testing, training, and support past go live to ensure our solution meet the demands of Flix2You.
Understanding Flix2You users is important to our design process. We have included an in-depth user analysis to help us build our system to support the needs of all Flix2You user from upper management personnel to database administrators.
Illuminated Communications has several modifications to the infrastructure of the existing systems so Flix2You will be able to meet their anticipated growth. We have attached a revised ER diagram in a normalized schema that includes new data points and relationships. You will be able to amass more data on your customers and what they are downloading or renting.
Our Database Administrator has compiled an...

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