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Flood Relief Activities in Pakistan

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The recent floods in Punjab caused huge devastation and big loss of life and infrastructural damage. The flood has affected about 25 districts of central and southern Punjab. According to official sources about 1.7 million people are affected.
The flood affected people are in desperate need of relief and rehabilitation activities in flood hit districts of the Punjab.
Keeping in view the facts illustrated above, it is the responsibility of every Pakistani to come forward and contribute in relief and rehabilitation of flood affected population. In the same context, PEEF has planned to contribute in flood relief and rehabilitation activities by utilizing the potential of PEEF Scholars in flood affected areas especially Multan, Bahawalpur, Mazaffargarh and DG Khan.
For the aforesaid purpose, the PEEF Scholars of Masters and Graduation level from Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan & Islamia University Bahawalpur will be involved as “VOLUNTEERS” in flood relief and rehabilitation activities.


Facilitating governmental and non- governmental organization in: * Disseminating information regarding relief camps and activities * Organization and management of medical / relief camps * Ration distribution * Collection of food and clothing items * Any other relief activities.

3. ROLE OF UNIVERSITY / DEGREE COLLEGE: i. Identification of PEEF volunteers ii. The University / College Focal person will coordinate with district Government and Non Governmental Organizations and offer volunteer services of the PEEF Scholars in management of different relief activities as mentioned above. iii. Preparation of teams of volunteers for different activities / organization iv. Coordination and follow up between PEEF volunteer teams and relief organizations.

4. Proposed Activities for PEEF Scholars:

In coordination with Government and Non-Governmental flood relief activities, teams of PEEF volunteers will:

* Assist in arranging relief camps by government departments and NGOs working in the district * Motivate their University fellows to come forward and donate things regarding daily-use (list attached). * Make arrangements for distribution of collected items among flood affected families.

5. Reporting:

* Plan: * Number of PEEF Scholars involved in relief and rehabilitation activities * Number of teams constituted * Names of organizations / departments coordinated with in relief and rehabilitation activities * Activities: * Pictures, news clippings of activities undertaken in relief and rehabilitation activities.


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