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The assignment requires a flowchart design for the accusation of multiple components from numerous suppliers worldwide, for later assembly in the United States. After exhaustive research, the procurement of each component faced unique challenges for the process to be successful. To lessen the challenges, the following were selected as suppliers: Vietnam will provide the control, Japan the transmitter, United Sates the housing and China the key ring.
Vietnam is one of the emerging economies in the Asia- Pacific region boasting a highly educated workforce at a relatively lower cost to their neighbors (Trankiem, 2000). Conducting business in Vietnam does include a potential problem in production. Older equipment and technology translates into the possibility of lower production numbers and the possibility of not receiving the component (Trankiem, 2000). To prevent any occurrence of starvation of the line, a five month supply, from all suppliers, will be initially ordered to access production time and quality of product. Another challenge is the amount of product that is to be ordered, inspected, stored, assembled and delivered to the customer. To prevent a blocking effect from occurring an initial order to span the initial five months of production will placed and stored. Once product has been inspected and assembled the final product will be delivered to the customer on a monthly basis, this process will ensure that the assembly line is continuous motion.
The metric chosen will be throughput rate. Calculations began at the required number of 835,000 key fobs a year. Figuring 12 months a year, the company will need to produce 69,584 units a month. At a rate 3,480 a day, figured at 20 work days a month, two 8 hour shifts will have to produce 218 an hour, 4 fobs every minute, arriving at the time of 1 fob every 15 seconds.
835,000 = Year
69,584 = Month
3,480 = Day
218 = Hour
4 = Minute
1= Fifteen seconds

Conclusion Considering the chosen suppliers, amount of product produced, it is believed that the flowchart described accomplishes the task at hand. As the task moves forward it may be paramount to review the flow process and make changes as needed. Challenges will be faced, addressed accordingly and if required new processes adopted to reflect the current environment.

Trankiem, L. (2000). Doing Business in Vietnam: Implications for International Investors. Journal of Transnational Management Development, 5(4), 3-24.

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