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Flying Wind Generators My article is about a company “Sky WindPower Corporation” investing in a new flying electric generator. The generator is basically a wind turbine like machine that can fly, and could absorb 2 to 3 times the wind in higher elevations. The higher the elevation, the stronger the wind and the more wind it can produce in the air for the generator. My assumption for the reason of this invention is possibly saving energy by using renewable sources such as wind, instead of burning fossil fuels for energy that can’t be renewed. The invention hasn’t been fully developed because of the cost, but they do have a flying turbine called the BAT (Buoyant Airborne Turbine) in Alaska for testing. They chose Alaska because of the tough winds and the difficulties of setting up regular turbines. Within 1000 ft. above, “From a distance, the BAT looks a bit like a massive donut, except for a standard three-blade, horizontal axis turbine in the center. With four protruding fins for stability, the helium-filled outer shell, made from a highly-durable fabric, is attached to three high-tensile strength tethers that hold the turbine securely in place” (Nguyen, 2014) With a sensor that enables the turbine and position itself to a bigger wind energy location to harvest or abort from a threat of mother nature. To finish my summary are my questions. “Will there be any manual controls over the turbine if lost communications of the sensor?” “Will there be any kind of motion sensor coming the turbine’s direction? Such as bird and bats, or planes if they plan on going above 10,000 ft.?” “Will the turbine make its way 20,000- 50,000 ft. above ground level, with the winds moving over 100 mph?”

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