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A case study - By Dr. Ahsan Akhtar Naz*
Pakistani society is shifting towards change. Media is playing a vital role in this social change. In this regard, FM channels are being considered as more effective medium. These channels are running under the control of Pakistani Government.
Now, these are spreading far and wide from metropolitans to towns. Due to this mass acceptance, these channels are acting as leverage of media revolution.
The government regulatory authority PEMRA is regulating these channels. PEMRA has issued many licenses to cross media groups, businessmen, advertising agencies, public universities, etc. This analysis is about the popularity of these channels and examines the quality of different programs. This covers maximally the quality of different programs. Covering maximum aspects of FM radio channels in Pakistan as well as focusing on the freedom of information and public right to know. Some details of PEMRA's efficiency in four years have also been discussed. The relevant bodies can improve the role of these FM channels. A task is also added for previous, about FM channels in Lahore .
Social scientists are feeling that Pakistani society is converting into information society, gradually. The majority of Pakistani population is economically poor .The governments have not paid proper attention towards education. As a result, they can't gain education properly. Despite all these things, the Pakistani society is in process of change slowly, because media is influencing on it. Like other low literate societies of world, the radio's role in Pakistani society is also very significant. Radio's role as an effective source of information, education and entertainment is always acknowledged in this country .For time being, TV was replaced in urban areas but recent FM...

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