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before or by November 17th to the Module 5 Drop box. Covers material for Modules 5 to 8. Topics: Depository Institutions, Risk Management, Insurance Cos. & Pension Funds & Mutual Funds & Investment Firms

Hi all. Here is Exam 2, which is a short take-home, open-book exam. You are on your honor to do the exam on your own without the help of others—please type or sign your name below in accordance with the honor code below to turn in with your exam. Exam 2 is a nice review for Modules 4 to 8. In Module 5 see the FNCE3600ReviewProbsforExam 2 Review File with review problems & answers (also see lecture notes & review questions for modules 4 to 8).

Instructions: Please turn in your exam as a word file with your answers typed below each question or if you prefer writing your answers, scan your pages and turn your exam in as a pdf file. Be sure to show your work for each problem to receive credit for the problem, and to save your file with your name at the end (such as for me: FNCE3600Ex2cooperman), and upload the file to the Drop Box for Exam 2 in Module 5 any time before or by midnight, November 17th--If you prefer to hand-write your exam, please scan the exam as a file to upload or you can deliver it to my office, B-School, Rm. 4207 (fine to leave it under the door if I’m not there) by November 17th.

I can’t answer specific questions or let you know whether your answers are correct or incorrect, but will be happy to answer any general questions about how to do problems. Be sure to see FNCE3600ReviewProbsforExam 2 as an item that you can also click on and download in Module 5 that provides review problems with example problems and answers for Exam 2.

Have fun and best wishes and happy almost the end of the semester!
Best wishes, Beth C.

Please type your name below the honor code to signify that you did the exam on your own without the help of...

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