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Chapter 1: Understanding Sociology

Multiple Choice

1. Which of the following was the main concern of Kelsey Timmerman in his book Where Am I Wearing? A. why people wear different styles in different locales B. differences in fashion across cultures C. the people who make our clothing D. pirating in the fashion industry Answer: C Type: I

2. The scientific study of social behavior and human groups is known as A. psychology. B. political science. C. anthropology. D. sociology. Answer: D Type: D

3. Sociology A. is the scientific study of social behavior and human groups. B. focuses primarily on how social relationships influence people’s behavior. C. focuses on how societies develop and change. D. all of these Answer: D Type: D

4. The awareness that allows people to comprehend the link between their immediate, personal social settings and the remote, impersonal social world is called A. the sociological imagination. B. anthropology. C. a theory. D. verstehen. Answer: A Type: D

5. ____________ is most closely associated with the concept of the sociological imagination. A. Émile Durkheim B. Max Weber C. Karl Marx D. C. Wright Mills Answer: D Type: S

6. A key element in the sociological imagination is the ability to view one’s own society A. from the perspective of personal experience. B. from the perspective of cultural biases. C. as an outsider. D. as an insider. Answer: C Type: I

7. A sociologist observing behavior at a college football game would probably focus on A. what books the coach of the team has read during the past year. B. a “fan” who has fallen asleep during...

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