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Living in this ever changing environment always gives us new knowledge about certain things. Technologies upgrades every second. New stores opened. New foods are being introduce to people. So to be able to cope up with this, people change their lifestyle. Since most of us are in a rush, we sometimes decide quickly without thinking about the possibilities it may cause us.
Now, people live in a modern way. Due of their busy working schedules they often choose fast foods because it’s cheaper and easy to prepare. That’s not all, inventions like cellphones and computers are the trends for faster communication, and some use their cars for convenience even if their destination is just a walking distance. Doing this may cause us to be mostly sedentary and weak because of lack in physical activities.
You see, the problem is we can be more prone to overweight because of our daily lifestyle and living in an urbanized society where in all the bad foods, hi-tech gadgets and vices are in.
Based on the National Nutrition Survey last 2008, most of the overweight among adults that aged 20 years and above are in Metro, Manila with 32.2%.
We all know that overweight and obesity are one of the serious problems that even other countries are experiencing. Take note, it is the fifth leading risk to global death.
For us individuals this signifies that we need to change our daily lifestyle. That we need to become more aware of what we are eating, doing and taking. We need to become more sensitive especially when it comes to our health.

As a BSHRM student I would like to find out:
1. What other related disease overweight can give?
2. How can we prevent ourselves to become overweight?
3. What are the possible reason why this problem occur?
Based on this term paper, the problem or issue that needed to be tackled is the fast growth of…...