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Food Service Training Final

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Food Service Training
Karen Hill
Kaplan University

Today I will be discussing how to train a new employee in a restaurant. I will also discuss why training is important, as well as what type of training is sufficient. There are many different types of training methods some use technology, other use books, and hands on training. After reading my food service training discussion you will know how to properly train your employees. Training employees profoundly is essential for any successful business. Food service is a customer contact intensive business with many obstacles. Employees need to pay attention to customer demands. If you train you employees to display the personality of your establishment you will have a high volume of customers. In the restaurant business it is all about the quality and speed of service. Staff must manage the force effectively and training will help your business achieve its goal. There is no right or wrong way to train your employees. So let’s discuss different training methods that will work.
“Shadowing is an interpersonal form of demonstration.” When using the shadowing method your trainee will follow a long time employee of yours around for a few days. This helps the trainee get a feel for what to expect as well as gives them a chance to experience real life situations. I like this method because once the trainee feels they are comfortable enough they can make an attempt to help a customer. Also, this method helps the trainee on the locations around the establishment.
Hands on training is another method I prefer to use in food service. This method allows the trainee to actually do the work with supervision of a trainer. There is no reason to get over whelmed when in training because this is where you will learn. This method gives the trainer a chance to observe the trainee's progress and...

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