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Food Serving Robot

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2.1 Physical Description of Automated Food Serving System
The main part of Automated Food Serving System is an AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) with a tray mounted on it and a metallic track (copper strip 5cm width) for the navigation of AGV. The AGV has a width of 140mm, length of 210mm and height of 150 mm, weighs 2.6 Kilograms. It consists of a printed circuit board which acts as the motherboard, an infrared sensor for obstacle detection, inductive proximity sensor for the navigation of the vehicle, reed sensor for turning the vehicle to the desired path, stepper motor (12V, 15W) for steering control, DC motor (12V, 120 rpm) which gives power to the AGV, keypad (4 x 3) for entering the table number, LCD (LCM1602) for display the table number, music chips which sounds while the vehicle goes out of the path, a tray which is made up of acrylic for placing the food. 12V rechargeable battery was installed inside the device to power up the AGV and the program code is saved to a microchip (P18F4520) which is the brain of AGV. The other parts of Automated Food Serving System are two tables and four magnets which are used to turn and stop the vehicle in the required position with help of reed sensor.

2.2 Process Description
When the staff in the kitchen places the food on the tray of AGV and confirms the table number, the AGV will start its navigation through the metallic path by sensing the copper strip. If the AGV goes out of the path the stepper motor will automatically activate and return the vehicle to its correct track. While navigation, the AGV will count the magnets which are placed on the turning points and will compare the counted number with the entered table number. If the entered table number matches with the magnet count, the vehicle will take 90 degree left turn and will continue its navigation until it detects the next magnet....

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