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Food Stamps

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Food Stamps
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)


This article describes the benefits of the Medicare system while exploring the many challenges of the program. The United States Medicare program is the closest program to universal health care for one portion of the population. While providing some level of health care to most elderly citizens over 65 years of age, it sometimes is found to be highly confusing to its patients. Additional concerns explored by this paper relate to the costs, quality of care, and availability to all who need this insurance. When all of the pros and cons are explored, one final concern arises. Amid the rising costs of medical care, prescription drugs, and costs of program administration, will the funding of this program continue and will this be a program that the young families of today can depend upon for their retirement years?

1. Introduction: The rules and regulations of Medicare

Simply stated, Medicare is the federally financed health insurance program for people aged 65 and over, certain individuals with disabilities, and individuals with end-stage renal disease. Medicare Part A covers hospital and other inpatient stays. Medicare Part B is optional insurance, and covers hospital outpatient, physician, and other services. Medicare Parts A and B are known as original Medicare or Medicare FFS. Medicare beneficiaries have the option of obtaining coverage for Medicare Part A and B services from private health plans that participate in Medicare's MA program, also known as Medicare Part C. All Medicare beneficiaries may purchase coverage for outpatient prescription drugs under Medicare Part D. Medicare is sometimes described as a heavy-handed, dictated reimbursement entitlement program. There is no negotiation of fees with physicians and the physicians cannot collect...

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...One of our biggest social welfare policies is our Food stamp program rename (SNAP). The program is fully funded by the government with states paying fifty percent of the administrative cost (USDA, 2014).The United states Department of Agriculture (USDA) (2014) stated over 46 million people rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to feed individuals and families. The SNAP program has been in existence on a permanent basis since 1964. Under President Johnson it became a permanent fixture of our social welfare policy (Berg, 2008). The main goal of the program has stayed consistent over the years. The government wanted to improve levels of nutrition among low income families and strengthen the agricultural economy by expanding...

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