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Synopsis of Tort Cases Paper
Monica Bertrand

The purpose of this paper will be for Team B to analysis two scenarios and decide what tort actions were found in the two scenarios that we chose. The scenario’s that were chosen by team B is scenario two and four. Within this paper we will discuss what tort actions were found in each scenario, and decide who are the plaintiffs, and defendants. In this paper we will discuss the elements of the tort claim and how it constitutes the plaintiff’s claim and how it can be resolved.

My portion for team paper bullets one through three
Monica Bertrand

In scenario two the setting is in an Italian restaurant where the owner will be sued for negligence. The tort action for starters would be negligence. Tort is a word that means wrong done, that an individual has committed knowingly or not or by strict liability. The plaintiff has a right to monetary gain for damages inflicted while the tort was committed. According to Cheese man 2010, “Tort laws provide remedial compensation for damages. Segment of tort laws includes intentional torts against persons, negligence found under unintentional torts, special negligence doctrines for professionals, and strict liability and product liability for manufacturers”. Within scenario two Anna along with the old lady and the customers that were trying to leave the restaurant are the plaintiff’s. Anna can sue the restaurant owner for negligence, because glass was found in her food. This action resulted in Anna having severe damage to her mouth, which was negligent of the employees of the restaurant. Res Ispa Loquitur would be a tort acting being negligence was a factor. Anna also would be the plaintiff in the part where the doctor amputated her leg. Clearly, this is a malpractice suit as well as a breach of contract. Anna signed a contract for receiving...

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