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Foods That Kill

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The American diet is an animal based diet. Consuming too much animal products can cause disease, and unhealthy weight. In “Food That Kills”, Dr. Michael Klaper discusses the dangers of consuming animal by-products, the benefits of a plant diet, and how a plant diet can boost your health. Klaper believes that completely eliminating the consumption of animal by-products is the key to a healthy diet. Although I agree that Americans eat too much meat, cutting meat completely out is not beneficial either. It can be concluded from the documentary that cutting down on the consumption of animal meat and by-products can improve health in America. Consuming an excess of animal flesh can cause numerous health problems including high blood pressure, Le tenia (abnormal blood), kidney failure, stroke, and heart attacks. Heart attacks are the number one killer in America. Klaper solely blames animal by-products for these diseases. Eating too much of anything is never good, so it isn’t fair to put all the blame on steak and burgers. It is important to remember eating that in moderation is imperative. Americans believe that animal flesh is the main source of protein, but it is often forgotten that there is plenty of protein in vegetables and grain. In opposition to Klaper, meat is necessary for our diet, but eating too much meat and animal by-products can cause health issues. Because of the amount of protein packed into meat, consuming excessive amounts of it can cause protein induced hypercalciuria; when you expel too much calcium through urination. Klaper says the solution is to stop consuming meat all together, when simply cutting down on meat can reduce the risk for protein induced hypercalciuria. It is agreeable that Klaper states that there is a lot of fat hidden in animal flesh, milk, etc. Red meat is the number one source of fat in the United States; followed...

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