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Football Era

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a. 1A) Read up to ten positive numbers and compute and print their sum. Input terminates when either 10 numbers have been read in or when a negative number is encountered.

Memory location | Memory value | Instruction | 00 | 100042 | Read A | 01 | 204200 | Load A to R0 | 02 | 410041 | Branch negative on R0 to 41 | 03 | 100043 | Read B | 04 | 204301 | Load B to R1 | 05 | 410141 | Branch negative on R1 to 41 | 06 | 300001 | Add R0 to R1 | 07 | 100044 | Read C | 08 | 204400 | Load C to R0 | 09 | 410041 | Branch negative on R0 to 41 | 10 | 300001 | Add R0 to R1 | 11 | 100045 | Read D | 10 | 204500 | Load D to R0 | 13 | 410041 | Branch negative on R0 to 41 | 14 | 300001 | Add R0 to R1 | 15 | 100046 | Read E | 16 | 204600 | Load E to R0 | 17 | 410041 | Branch negative on R0 to 41 | 18 | 300001 | Add R0 to R1 | 19 | 100047 | Read F | 20 | 204700 | Load F to R0 | 21 | 410041 | Branch negative on R0 to 41 | 22 | 300001 | Add R0 to R1 | 23 | 100048 | Read G | 24 | 204800 | Load G to R0 | 25 | 410041 | Branch negative on R0 to 41 | 26 | 300001 | Add R0 to R1 | 27 | 100049 | Read H | 28 | 204900 | Load H to R0 | 29 | 410041 | Branch negative on R0 to 41 | 30 | 300001 | Add R0 to R1 | 31 | 100050 | Read I | 32 | 205000 | Load I to R0 | 33 | 410041 | Branch negative on R0 to 41 | 34 | 300001 | Add R0 to R1 | 35 | 100051 | Read J | 36 | 205100 | Load J to R0 | 37 | 410041 | Branch negative on R0 to 41 | 38 | 300001 | Add R0 to R1 | 39 | 210152 | Store R1 to K | 40 | 115200 | Write K | 41 | 430000 | Halt | 42 | 000000 | Variable A | 43 | 000000 | Variable B | 44 | 000000 | Variable C | 45 | 000000 | Variable D | 46 | 000000 | Variable E | 47 | 000000 | Variable F | 48 | 000000 | Variable G | 49 | 000000 | Variable H | 50 | 000000 | Variable I | 51 | 000000 | Variable J | 52 | 000000 | Variable K |

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