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This is a group assignment. Please arrange yourselves into groups of 4 (one team may have 5) and submit your team names within the next week. The project will be due around 09April13 depending on how our classes progress.
Group members:
Faraz Syed, Zheng Kang Qu, Shu Jun Wan, Timothy Leancy

You and your team are members of a small consulting company that has been engaged recently by the Fitter Snacker Company (FS). They feel that because you have broad business process experience and no affiliations with any commercial software packages, your firm could give them good advice.
FS is growing but is experiencing many business process problems throughout the company and it seems to be getting worse as time passes. Some of FS’s customers are considering using other suppliers for their snack bar products. FS doesn’t want to lose any customers and in fact would really like to expand their operation into other states, maybe Canada and possibly western Europe in the not so distant future. FS feels that their current business processes aren’t really up to much expansion.
Some of the younger managers at FS have read that ERP systems can really help companies like FS and have been pressuring the upper management to look into acquiring such a system. Some of the managers have put forward the SAP ECC6.0 ERP system as one they should definitely consider, but no commitments have been made.
Your team has been asked to do the following: * Review FS’s main business processes in detail (as described in our test book), and thoroughly document them as the “Current Business Processes”. You only need to look at the main business processes we focused on in class.( order to cash) (zheng kang Qu) * For each main processes that you documented as “Current Business Processes”, document and prioritize the major areas of improvement opportunity for FS that you believe...

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