Footnote to Youth

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Footnote to Youth
Jose Garcia Villa

I. Introduction
Jose Garcia Villa was born on August 5, 1908. His parents were Simeon Villa (a personal physician of Emilio Aguinaldo) and Guia Garcia (a wealthy landowner). He graduated from the University of the Philippines High School and enrolled on a pre Medical school medicine course in University of the Philippines UP, but then switched to pre Law school. He tried painting but turned to creative writing after reading Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson.On February 5, 1997, at the age of 88, Jose was found on a coma in his New York apartment and was rushed to St. Vincent Hospital in the Greenwich area. His death two days later was attributed to "cerebral stroke and multilobar pneumonia". He was buried on February 10 in St. John's Cemetery in New York, wearing a Barong Tagalog.
It all started when Dodonga teenager decided to marry Teang. He was just seventeen but he thinks he’s mature enough to marry and be with someone for the rest of his life. He asked and got the blessing from his father even though his father knows that Dodong is too young to marry and he’s going to commit the same mistakes which his parents did.
Dodong lived with Teang and Teang got pregnant. When Dodong’s wife was giving birth to their son, he became guilty of his mistakes. He became guilty of being a young father. He realized that he was too young to handle the role of being a father. Teang also felt regret on what they have done. She wished she had not married Dodong. They called their son “Blas”.Blas was not their only child. Many children came. For six successive years, a new child came along.
Blas grew up and became eighteen. One night, he came home and told his father that he is going to marry Tona. Dodong told him that he is too young but he insisted. He told his son to enjoy youth and life for now because…...