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Forbes Marshall is a leader in the area of process efficiency and energy conservation for the process industry. We have sixty years of experience building steam engineering and control instrumentation solutions with focused investments in manufacturing and research and development. We deliver quality solutions in 18 countries. Our business practices and processes have combined into a singular philosophy of being trusted partners who provide innovative solutions. It’s a philosophy we are proud to live up to.

For over half a century, Forbes Marshall has been building steam engineering and control instrumentation solutions that work for process industry. Forbes Marshall's goal is to provide solutions in Energy, Efficiency and Process Automation, using the best technology the world has to offer. 50 years ago we started out with steam generation solutions. Today we are comprised of twelve business divisions; most of them partnering with the world technology leaders in respective fields, manufacturing products that cover the entire spectrum of energy generation, energy efficiency, control and instrumentation for the process and power industry.
But we are proud of much more than just the products we make. We are committed to creating a progressive work culture that uniquely puts people first. We are concerned with the community beyond our factory's gate. Putting people first is the way we have become industry's first choice in their efforts to better harness steam, air and water. We do much more than sell products. We build steam engineering and control instrumentation solutions that work for you.
From our unique corporate structure and commitment to quality, to our extensive community and social service programs, there's a lot that makes us stand out from the rest.
In the last five decades Forbes Marshall has grown from a modest, Mumbai based trading company to a...

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