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3 for loopDim i,s,q,a,n as Integers=0a=TextBox1.Textn=TextBox2.TextFor i=a To n Step+1If iMod2=0 Thenq=q+1else s=s+iendifNextTextBox3.Text=s | While loopDim i,s,q,a,n as integers=0a=TextBox1.Textn=TextBox2.Texti=aDo while i<=nIf iMod2=0 thenq=q+1a=a+1else s=s+ia=a+1endifLoopTextBox3.Text=s | Do-while loopDim i,s,q,a,n as integers=0a=TextBox1.Textn=TextBox2.Texti=aDoIf iMod2=0 thenq=q+1a=a+1else s=s+ia=a+1endifloop While i<=nTextBox.Text=s |

4.For loopDim i,s,a,n as integers=1a=1n=TextBox1.TextFor i=a To n Step+1s=s*iNextTextBox2.Text=s | While loopDim i,s,a,n as integers=1a=1n=TextBox1.Texti=aDo while i<=ns=s*ia=a+1LoopTextBox2.Text=s | Do-while loopDim i,s,a,n as integers=1a=1n=TextBox1.Texti=aDos=s*ia=a+1Loop while i<=nTextBox2.Text=s |

5 | | | For loop | While loop | Do-while loop | Dim y,s,i,n as integers=1i=(TextBox1.Text/100)+1n=TextBox2.Texty=0For s=1 To 1000000 If s=1 then S=s*n*iy=y+1elses=s*iy=y+1endifNextTextBox3.Text=y | Dim y,s,i,n as integers=1i=(TextBox1.Text/100)+1n=TextBox2.Texty=0Do while s<=1000000If s=1 then S=s*n*iy=y+1elses=s*iy=y+1endifLoopTextBox3.Text=y | Dim y,s,i,n as integers=1i=(TextBox1.Text/100)+1n=TextBox2.Texty=0DoIf s=1 then S=s*n*iy=y+1elses=s*iy=y+1endifLoop While s<=1000000TextBox3.Text=y |

2 | | | For loop | while | Do-while | Dim i,s,a,n as integers=0a=TextBox1.Textn=TextBox2.TextFor i=a To n Step+1s=s+iNextTextBox3.Text=s/n | Dim i,s,a,n as integers=0a=TextBox1.Textn=TextBox2.Texti=aDo while i<=ns=s+ia=a+1LoopTextBox3.Text=s/n | Dim i,s,a,n as integers=0a=TextBox1.Textn=TextBox2.Texti=aDos=s+ia=a+1Loop while i<=nTextBox3.Text=s/n |

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...are important to the majority of new builds * All customers are happy to pay for delivery if purchasing online | Market trends and developments(pages 12 – 13) | * Customers are looking for high quality and unique items * High population growth in the Queensland area * | Competition(page 15) | * The Yard – limited selection, high priced, * BBQS R US – broad range, cheaper products, * Outdoorz – mass market and a good sales price, extensive adverting * Local independent competition- low priced and a large market share | Profitability and sales figures(pages 5, 21) | $6677,000 gross profit$4884,714 total expenses1792,286 Net Profit 2011 sales – total revenue $9973,000 * Gross profit on sales $4804,000 | Sales forcast` | 2012 - $11000000 – Gross Profit - $51100002013 - $12000000 – Gross Profit - $ 65000002014 - $15000000 – Gross Profit - $7500000 | The Marketing Manager has asked you to assess two potential new markets and consider them in terms of likely contribution to the business (page 27). * What effect might entering the market have on sales, growth, market share or profitability? Would it be positive or negative? Potential new market | Likely contribution to the business | Bargain (low-cost products) market | Low cost items could bring a new demographic of clientele into the stores and also encourage customers already in the store to purchase additional items. Sales...

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...Shifts In Market Supply and Demand nd of mine enjoys reminiscing about the good old days. His favorite subject is discussing the prices of what things used to be. Discussing how $8 dollars would get you a seat at Tiger Stadium, a hot dog, and a beer. Then the conversation always ends up with him saying "I used to get 6 gallons of gasoline for a dollar" (which equates to just over 16 cents a gallon). Can you imagine six gallons for a dollar? In the spring of 2013 over memorial weekend I paid $3.97 per gallon to fill up my tank. How could this happen? Some want to blame profiteering oil companies, but economists prefer explanations based on supply and demand (Stonebraker, 2013). 1. Soaring gasoline prices are nothing new. It's old hat to those of us with enough gray hair to remember the energy crisis of the 1970's. Gasoline as we all know is made from crude oil. In 1973 a barrel of crude oil was $3.00 dollars. The price of crude oil shot up in 1980 to $35.00 a barrel. Crude oil then took a long slide through the 80's and 90's falling to almost $10 dollars a barrel in 1998 before rising again over the last decade, falling back and spiking again. If we adjust these prices for inflation we get an even more interesting prospective. The chart below traces the price of a barrel of oil over the last 50 years in terms of 2012 prices. The price increases of the 1970's look remarkably similar to those of the 2000's. Adjusting it for inflation, oil prices in recent years are not much......

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