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Forces That Contributed to the Makep of Early Civilizations

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There are various forces that contributed to the cultural makeup of early civilizations; these forces also varied amongst different cultures quite naturally some forces being more influential than others. Customs, spiritual and religious beliefs that were often largely based upon population’s geographic, demographic, agriculture or available resources. Civilizations develop when the environment of a region can support a large and productive population (Sayre, 2010 p.2). These forces all contributed to the “makeup” of early civilizations, for example people in a geographic area not conducive to plentiful farming would be hunters and vice versa famers or gathers dictating their entire life style . Populations largely determined their cultural based on their means of survival and these forces and ultimately manifested them into customs, politics, laws, and an all-around societal structure.

Social issues such as war and economic difficulties arose due to these forces of a civilization. Some of the main cultural influences were customs, spiritual, religious belief, laws, politics and societal structure as these behaviors were commonly passed done within a population from generation to generation. Culture is very important to a civilization, as it is the foundation of civilization.

While Historical revisionism, can enlighten, bring new information and perspective forth, it can also alter or amend what we already know as history. This can cause apprehension of acceptance or confidence in any history we know as reliable or truth. In my opinion revisiting History with unbiased perspective, information and new found facts is simply assisting in accuracy, the discovery knowledge, and the pursuit of education. Although this may sometimes cause controversy and contradictory information it still necessary in gaining more insight and…...

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