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Chapter 2 lesson 1
How are forces described ?
In sciece the word push or a pull when one object pushes or pulls another object the first object exerts a force on the second object you exert a force on a computer key when you push it you exert a force on a chair when you pull it away from a table like velocity and acceleration a force is described by its strength and by the direction in which it acts pushing to the left is a different force from pushing to the right the direction and strength of the force can be represented by an arrow the arrow points in the direction of the force as shown in figure 1 length of the arrow tells you strength of the force the longer the arrow the greater the force the strength of a force is measured in the si unit called newton after sir isac newton

How do forces affect newton often more than one force acts on an object at the same time the combination of all forces on an object is called net force the net force determines if and how an object accelerates you can find the net force by finding the sum of all the strengths of individual forces acting on the object look at figure 2a the big dog pushes on the box with a force of 16n to the tight the small with a force of 10 n to the right the net force on the box is the sum of these forces the box will accelerate to the right in the situation there is a non zero net force a non zero netforce causes a change in the objects motion
What if the forces on an object aren’t acting in the same direction in figure 2b the big dog pushes with a force of 20 n while the small dog pushes at force of 10 n but now they are pushing opposite directions againist each other when forces push aginist each other the total net force is found by subtracting the strength of the smaller forces from the strength of the larger force you...

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