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Ford Annual Report 2013 Financial Accounting

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Ford Annual Report 2013
Financial Accounting

1. Alan R. Mulally wrote to the stockholders from Ford. He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company.
2. Ford is excepting 2014 to be another solid year. In 2014 Ford has a record number of new product launches. Ford is providing quality cars and trucks worldwide and is ready for the payoff to be higher in 2015 and the years to come after that. Fords sales will improve worldwide. Ford is projected to make anywhere between $7 billion to $8 billion pre-taxed profit. The ford plan is driving solid results and profitable growth for all, and we are confident it will continue to do so in the future.
3. During this past year Ford is showing some financial highlights.
4. Ford’s Eco Boost Engine was the reason for the Companies growth and was a major part of the financial highlights. Ford vehicles had an average contribution margin of about 130% total average contribution margin across all vehicles.
5. The highlighted items show the company in a growing positive light. Ford is building more fuel efficient vehicles and that’s a strong selling point.
6. Ford’s Fiscal year extends from January 1, 2013- December 31, 2013. This information can be found on their balance sheet.
7. The reason that Ford chose this as their fiscal year is because Ford files its 10-ks for the end of December every year.
8. Ford reports dates on its balance sheet for March 31, 2013, June 30, 2013, September 30, 2013, and December 31, 2013.
9. The balance sheet equation is 403,721 Ml= 202,026ML+175,279ML,+26,416ML
10. The three largest assets on the most recent balance sheet are Finance receivables (77,481)ML, Net property (27,616)ML, Marketable securities (22,100)ML.
11. The three largest liabilities are Debt (114,688)ML, Other liabilities and deferred revenue (40,462)ML, Payables (19,531)ML.
12. Fords retained earnings...

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