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The Ford Edge advertisement had been thoroughly designed by the marketers in order to appeal different consumers driven by various level of needs. First, to be qualified as Ford's prospective customers, marketers assume that physiological needs are already satisfied, since nobody would think about buying a car if the most basic needs remain unsatisfied. Therefore, Ford marketers directly target consumers driven by the second level of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs by advertising his AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control feature. Words like "stability" and "control" were carefully chosen to influence consumers who are greatly concerned by safety. Then, the slogan "The edge is never dull" refers to sustainable desirability which leads to the satisfaction of being socially accepted since the driver as the car is "Always sharp". Happy couples are shown on the ad to let the consumer driven by the need to be loved to visualize the fulfillment of that need by purchasing the Ford Edge. Moreover, not only does the attractiveness of the car satisfies social needs, but it also arouses a form of self-esteem within the driver. Marketers use new feature Vista Roof to appeal to the esteem needs of consumers; imagine yourself sitting in the latest Ford Edge with a panoramic view of the beautiful sky and driving with full open -air feel , does it not allow you to maintain a satisfied outlook on life? That is exactly what marketers intend to do: convince potential buyers that the driving experience brought by Ford Edge's combination of "style", "performance" and "innovation" within one car would bring them to satisfy their inner desires. As the ad explicitly shows, Ford marketers used demographic segmentation based on consumers' marital status, family size and income. Ford Edge is described as the combination of a sports cars and an SUV, thus appeals to those who seek performance...

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