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Car has been a necessity instead of luxury nowadays. It has already been part of everyone’s life. Due to the different needs and personalities of the people, there are vast of car models which varies from its usage, size, style and efficiency that has been available in the market today. There are different types of car. Few of these that is commonly used are the sedans, hatchbacks and station wagons. In the case study, the Ford PVT LTD India is suffering the dilemma in sustaining the status quo of the company in producing hatchback-typed car and the Figo in the market. Based on the information stated in the preparation of launching the Ford Figo, In order to maintain the Figo, Ford should still apply all the mechanism and contrivance used in preparation of the Figo. These includes the methodology used like data gathering, hypotheses, and assumptions so that Ford would be able to formulate more concrete and exceptional ideas in marketing the Figo or any Ford’s hatchback. Customer’s needs plays a vital role in the sustaining a product in the market so Ford must able to create car’s features that could fulfill the needs of its users. Ford may also use other engineering standard for the quality, compatibility, and testing to ensure that the customers get the maximum service that it needs. Ford might also differentiate the pros and cons of hatchback from different types like sedan and wagon which can be used in formulating new features. Also I believed that the multi-pronged strategy used in Ford Figo plays a big role in the triumphant of the product in penetrating the market so Ford should still use this kind of strategy to sustain the marketability of the product in the market. The Ford might still use the social media site like Facebook and Twitter and other online platform like blogging, video-sharing, and advertising site in promoting the product. They could also use TV commercials, Newspapers and other print media. Aside from this, Ford could also formulate contest and promos that can attract more buyers and customers.

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