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Ford Hybrid Case

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(1) Summarize and justify alternative scenarios (i.e., compelling stories about the future) ranging from pessimistic to optimistic with regard to market performance of hybrid cars.

- Electronic Fuel Injection: This scenario is an optimistic scenario for hybrid cars adoption. In this scenario 100% of the market will eventually adopt the hybrid car. This scenario predicts that the growth will start out slow, until there is a breakthrough in technologies that make the hybrid car even more efficient and affordable to the struggling class. When the breakthrough occurs there will be an accelerated growth and eventually the hybrid car will become the norm with 100% of the market will be adopting the car.
- Solar Energy: This is an average scenario for hybrid cars adoption. This scenario predict that the hybrid car will see a steady growth from the beginning but it will never reach 100% market penetration. Unlike the optimistic scenario there will not be a period of extreme growth, instead, the growth will be steady throughout until the penetration reach about 80% of the market. The maximum market penetration potential for this scenario is about 90% and it will take a long time to get there. The reason for this scenario is that the technologies for the hybrid car will advance at a steady rate and at one point will overtake others car technologies, thus, become the best selection in the market.
- Diesel Car in Europe: This is a pessimistic scenario for hybrid cars adoption. This scenario is predict a very slow growth for the hybrid cars. The growth will be small starting out and will continue to be slow throughout the years. In this scenario the hybrid car will get at most 40% of the market share and will take a very long time to get there. This scenario will predict that the hybrid technologies will not improve at a small rate and will most...

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