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Ford: Ressurecting an Iconic Company

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1) I would classify the company Ford as third of its competitive position. Behind GM and Chrysler. Several troubles that Ford had trained their sells and revenues to collapse. Indeed, their car were juged like unactual comparing to the car produced by its principal competitors. Their cars were overconsuming on fuel, SUV’s template and pretty rounded designed when the current market tends to agressive curves and shapes. Furthermore, they decided to ask the US Governement to a bailout that they still did not received but which shows how low the actual financial state of the company is.
2) Ford is market centered on customer expectations than on the current market of their competitors. Both of the three companies used to have financial troubles and received the bailout. Ford decided to reorganize its production in a way to satisfiying the most they could their customers without being really aware of their competitors’offers. I think that Ford should continue to develop their level of technologies embedded in cars but should also take care about creatings more events, promotion like do its contestants.
3) Ford’s Sync maintain its competitive advantage by offering always new devises like for example the vocal recognition which allow customers to direclty control the onboard computer monitoring all the electric components of the car but also the connectivity of the driver with the internet. This is definitely a substainable advantage for Ford which even more improvable due to the constant progress of technology which allows each year, big manufacturers to propose these improvements in their finished goods.
4) Mulally can totally succeed with small cars because every day, more space is used and pollution increased. It is a fundamental issue which trains customers to ask for smaller cars, which are cheaper, less polluting but mainly convenient.
5) To the CEO, I would like to say that currently, youth are really attracted to things that make them thinking more intellegent, modern and sexy that they really are so they should try to play on these facts to attract more customers. Nowadays, it is also fundamental to provide luxe devises at low prices like for example discount wooden finishes that would make customers thinking that he made a really good deal.

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