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The U.S Economic forecast is very helpful because it helps to provide the world’s leading organizations with knowledge it needs. The source is useful because there is information that is provided from businesses all over the world as far as economics and corporate leadership. Also the the website provides critical information and challenges that the world faces including annual reports, value creation, high performing organizations and human capital. The source gives helpful updates with stock prices rather they have increased or decreased. There is research incorporated with insights captured through extensive work and feedback which is also shown in order for the businesses to make the right decisions.

This week was a bit confusing to me trying to figure the difference between the Keynesian and classical economics but, I have come to a conclusion that some believe paying with taxes is the better way to go. Others say it's best to adjust government spending levels but, taxes and government spending are both Keynesian fiscal policy tools to manage the economy and if it’s done in the right way, both can have the same results in the end. In addition, they accomplish those results in different ways. So Keynesian is the man behind aggregate demand and aggregate supply including an understanding how they inter-relate and can be used to manage the economy.

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