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Forecasting Hotel Demand

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PRRO HW5 4th Feb 2013
Anand Prasad | Yash Karnik | Samarth Mathur | Kavita Bhandari
Q1 - What are the bid prices for each date? * The bid prices for each of the dates is as shown in the below mentioned table-1 * These are the shadow prices of each constraint * We have not include while calculating the dates on which the rooms sold exceeded the capacity of 198 rooms – as the solver could not be run and the hotel had overbooked based on the demand

| | Final | Shadow | Constraint | Allowable | Allowable | | Cell | Name | Value | Price | R.H. Side | Increase | Decrease | Dates | $BF$9 | Rooms sold | 198 | 270 | 198 | 2 | 4 | 8/31/2008 | $BF$10 | Rooms sold | 181 | 0 | 198 | 1E+30 | 17 | 9/1/2008 | $BF$11 | Rooms sold | 198 | 205 | 198 | 4 | 17 | 9/2/2008 | $BF$12 | Rooms sold | 198 | 119 | 198 | 25 | 1 | 9/3/2008 | $BF$13 | Rooms sold | 198 | 119 | 198 | 2 | 12 | 9/4/2008 | $BF$14 | Rooms sold | 198 | 119 | 198 | 23 | 22 | 9/5/2008 | $BF$15 | Rooms sold | 198 | 135 | 198 | 15 | 16 | 9/6/2008 | $BF$16 | Rooms sold | 198 | 119 | 198 | 1 | 21 | 9/7/2008 | $BF$17 | Rooms sold | 187 | 0 | 198 | 1E+30 | 11 | 9/8/2008 | $BF$18 | Rooms sold | 198 | 119 | 198 | 24 | 1 | 9/9/2008 | $BF$4 | Rooms sold | 193 | 0 | 198 | 1E+30 | 5 | 8/26/2008 | | | | | | | | |

Table – 1

Q2-Which rate classes are closed for these dates? * We have not include while calculating the dates on which the rooms sold exceeded the capacity of 198 rooms – as the solver could not be run and the hotel had overbooked based on the demand * As per the optimization model the rates for which on a particular day the PU value is zero in thee below given matrix, Table -2 are closed for the particular date and corresponding rate * As per the...

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