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Multicultural Perspectives
Dr. Morse
Nathan Nance
Population Control in China
In china, more than 330 million abortions and almost 200 million sterilizations have been performed in china since family-planning policies to limit the populations were introduced 40 years ago (parks). To me, this is shocking. I understand that China is a very highly populated country, but in my opinion, there is no reason that the abortion rate should be that high. There is always adoption, and there is always going be a family that takes babies. There are so many families in the world that would die for a kid, and would love to adopt, and yet the Chinese are killing off their children instead of at least giving them away and giving them a chance at life. Even though this is shocking to us, it is just culture and the way of life in China. They don’t see anything wrong with it, because its how that culture is ran.
Another thing that just shocks me is that there are other countries that have been smart enough to handle situations like this by making birth control mandatory instead of abortion, but china just focuses on abortion. Data has revealed that governments have done over 403 million birth control procedures, including the mandatory insertion of millions of intri-uterine devices, which is considered a regular birth control procedure in the west (parks). China has blamed a lack of education on the high number of abortions, but to me that is not an excuse. There are so many third world countries that are much less educated than China, and they are still able to control the birth rate without having to perform so many abortions. They also blame their population of 1.3 billion on high abortion rates. To me this isn’t an excuse either. Like I said before, China may be overpopulated by a lot, but that can simply be solved by being proactive and maybe forcing families to give…...