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Foreign Exchange Operations of Ab Bank

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Internship Report

Foreign Trade Division

Internship Report On

Foreign Trade Division Of AB Bank Limited
Prepared for Mohammad Zakir Hossain Sharkar Senior Lecturer Submitted by Mirza Sarah Alam ID # 05104026

Date of Submission 15 December,2009.


December 15, 2009 TO Mohammad Zakir Hossain Sharkar Senior Lecturer BRAC Business School BRAC University.

Subject:- Submission of Internship on “Foreign trade management System of ABBL” Sir, As a part of BBA Program an internship report is enclosed herewith. The report was prepared on “Foreign trade management System of ABBL” .In the course of preparation the report relevant documents, data, information were studied and practical knowledge had been gathered. I pray and hope that the mistakes, the report may have, will be kindly excused. Lastly, I beg your kind consideration for evaluating this report.

Thanking you very much indeed. Sincerely Yours,

Mirza Sarah Alam Department-BBS ID- 05104026


At the very beginning, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to almighty Allah for giving me the strength & the composure to complete the internship report. Words actually will never be enough to express how grateful I am, but never the less I shall try my level best to express my gratefulness toward some people.

This internship report might never have been completed without the necessary practical knowledge, assistance of many books, articles, websites, and primary data. It enhanced my knowledge on foreign trade activities as well as banking business. Thanks to all those persons, who have assisted me, providing me co‐operation, books…...

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